[The reason that I determined to begin]
The reason that I determined to begin Merely Fans
Coming from the supporters, “I want you to carry out it!”
Given that there was actually a request!
My favorite adult porn star, Marika-san, as well as a lot of adult stars were doing it,
I also decided to attempt Just Followers.

Likewise, after experiencing temporary research abroad in the USA,
I wanted nations other than Asia
Save cash as well as head to more nations
I intended to be influenced.

As well as the images I took as a pastime
There was a huge amount without presenting it to anyone, so w
It was actually actually great to have the chance to reveal

Although I made a decision to perform “Just Fans!”,.
I was actually fretted about whether I received consent coming from the workplace or I really did not possess a lot foreign language capabilities.
However I took care of to pick up every little thing.

Full not just in Japan however additionally overseas.
Capturing is actually prohibited.
I do not think I’ll leave behind the workplace and also this group down the road, as well as it’s tough to think of putting together a foundation overseas, so I’m sorry for not remedying.

I am actually prohibited from supplying undivided online videos and also photos certainly not merely in Japan yet likewise overseas.

This is actually because I am actually registered with my AV office as well as this AVAN (newavan.org) company.

I do not assume I’ll leave the workplace and this organization in the future, and also it is actually hard to think about possessing a foundation overseas, so I can not allow uncensored shooting.

( About uncorrected, this description is insufficient explanation.
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